Yeniceri CU
General Info
Status Active
Role Standing Army / Elite Infantry, Mounted Cavalry, Lancer Cavalry
Size Large
Affiliation Greater Turkiye
Base of Operations Crimson Palace
First Al-kaplan Baraban (Mizrak Stratocracy)
Last Ulema Bayezid (Mizrak Stratocracy)
Manga Fasul 21 - The Stratocracy of Spears

See also Janissaries

Yeniçeri is the name of Baraban's special troops.


Averagely tall, young with handsome faces. They wore uniforms and Khaftan (Robe) for the outer colored in black with gold trimmings almost on a level of royalty. However the most distinctive from their apparel is the black-felt headgear or headdress with plume holder known as the 'Spoon'.

"Appearance is the only way they will ever know their own country's rulers. All the more reason why those ruler's faces should be beautiful." - Al-kaplan Baraban

Beyazit's Yeniçeri (Şark Yay) slightly wore different clothing compared to Barban's black Yeniçeri's, wearing a white or lighter coloured robe wrapped around by another clothing to keep in place (like a scarf) and their headdress doesn't have the spoon seen on Baraban's Yeniçeri. In addition whats odd is that Barban's Yeniçeri are full of Young men presumbly much younger like in teens (with the exceptional elderly cooks in the crimson palace) while Beyazit's men are much more older.

This however changed in later series after his succession as the Sultan of Mizrak, the Yeniçeri corps wore the same original uniform garments much to their counterparts but lighter along with the country's spear emblem on their back which has not been seen earlier.

The corps is also used by other Stratocracy members as well.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Yeniçeri has numerous role in battle (Jack-of-all-trades), as seen they serve as frontier troops wielding both Shields and swords in solid formation in addition they are capable of forming a tortoise formation as proven in Battle of Rock Formations. However in order to contain the fluid or motion of the battle some orta (equivalent to a battalion) rode on horsebacks, while riding they can provide a tactical hit and run attack advancement using archers (Mounted Archer) to wear down the enemies strength and numbers in addition Yeniçeri had used spears in battle similar to the archer they can be thrown towards their foe. This throwing practice is called "Cirit".

Yeniceri Tortoise anim

Testudo Formation on the move.

Compared to Baraban's elite troops, Beyazit's Yeniçeri on the other hand had used Şark Yay during the battle within Rock Formations and in later stages they excluding the de-facto leader participated as artillery men prior to the siege of Baltrhein Castle:The Mur



  • Yeniçeri (Janissary) translates as yeni, "new" and çeri, "soldier" in old turkish are the bodyguards and household (Kapikulu) troops of the Ottoman Empire serving their de facto leader Sultan himself. Dating back from 1383 to 1821 they were the main standing army.
  • The Yeniçeri are distinguished from the main army of the empire, as they wore uniforms (with elegant dresses particularly the headdress), march in battle with a rhythm introducing the Mether band.
  • On a separate note Baraban's Yeniçeri corps have similar fittings to the Present Ottoman military band: The Mehter Band, especially the musician/instrument players who wore red robes contrasting the Black robe of Baraban's unit as well as shoes.

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