Ulema Beyazit
Vital statistics
Age 28 years old
Birthplace Mizrak Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (in manga)
Blue (in some artworks)
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Al-Kaplan Balaban (older brother)
Nilufer Fatma (older sister)
Armut Ayse (niece)
Prens Kemal(nephew)
Professional status
Affiliation Mizrak Stratocracy

Turkiye Stratocracy Triparte Alliance

Occupation The 4th Sultan of Mizrak Stratocracy
Base of Operations Mizrak Stratocracy
First appearance

Ulema Bayezid is the 4th generation sultan of Mizrak Stratocracy.

Appearance Edit

Bayezid is a young man with slim build, looking a bit more delicate than his older brother, Baraban that inherited their father's rather sturdy build. He has short, wavy black hair (although some artworks colored it blue instead) that seems to run in the family, as both Ayse and Kemal (his niece and nephew respectively) also have it. His facial features are relatively soft when compared to another characters similar in age, highlighting his tender disposition.

He usually wears a set of blue colored yelek (short robe) with golden, triangular linings and salvar (trousers) along with a indigo colored inner shirt fastened by striped cloth. He also has a blue-gold colored turban that he wears in formal occasions.

Personality Edit

Unlike his temperamental older brother, Beyazit is a calm person with high tolerance and sound mind unclouded by personal judgment, making him a better decision maker than his brother who likes to act on impulse. He's also someone that despises violence, and went to extreme measures to prevent (or minimize) its occurrence. His friendly disposition also makes him get along easily with many kinds of people, even with those who have different point of view from him, like Ishmael.

Abilities Edit

Other than his soft skills, it's shown that he also has at least some ability in swordsmanship, as he's the one that trained Ayse before her wedding ceremony. Other than that, he's one of the 77 people in Rumeliana region that already masters the usage of Şark Yay, a revolutionary weapon from a little country in the Far East conquered by Cinili. In addition similar to his older brother he is capable leading his own variant of Yeniçeri.

History Edit

Little is known about his past other than he lost his father 13 years ago to a war between Balt-Rhein and Turkiye. By the time, it seems that Bayezid and Baraban's sister, Fatma, was already married, as she is never depicted in their extra chapter. For most of his youth, Bayezid spent most of his time by Baraban's side, and goes as far as to say that there was nobody else he loved more in the whole continent after Baraban drives off all his vassals with his brutality. In a chapter title illustration, he is seen by Baraban's side several years in the past, during a meeting of the four stratocracies' leaders.

At some point before the main storyline, he became Mizrak's kulak.

Plot Edit



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