Triparte Alliance is, as the name suggests, an alliance consists of three countries: Stratocracy's of Greater Turkiye, Kingdom of Urado, and Republic of Venedik.

History Edit

Structure Edit

Three members of the Alliance theoretically have same level, although in reality Urado falls behind a bit in terms of influence compared to the other two member states, since their isolation politic makes their knowledge about Rumeliana's political condition is limited compared to Venedik and Turkiye. This became apparent when Urado had little to no saying in the Cuore's decision to hand Chielo over to Turkiye, an idea proposed by Venedik, a fellow Triparte Alliance member.

Membership Edit

The Alliance has three core members:

Objectives Edit

The Alliance's main objective is to repress Baltrhein's advances in Rumeliana region.


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