Pasha (Turkish: General) is a title in Turkiye Stratocracy.

Overview Edit

Pasha is the highest class of people in Turkiye Stratocracy, that entrusted with the role of leading the country. A council of Pasha only has 100 people, showing that it's an extremely prestigious title.

Role Edit

A pasha usually served at one of the government bureau's head periodically, making them vital for the country's prosperity. A pasha also has the right to command a full legion of their own, being the highest military rank in Turkiye's army.

Three times a week, all pashas are required to be present at Kubbe Altu to carry out a discussion regarding the country's welfare, forming a council named Diwan.

Hierarchy Edit


Between the 100 pasha, there are 13 people that's called vizier (Turkish: minister), that given responsibility to govern one of the 13 provinces of Turkiye Stratocracy.

At the top of the pyramid, there's Buyuk Pasha (Turkish: Great General) that becomes the head of the state.

Recruitment Edit

All pashas are recruited from military ranks, since pasha is essentially a military rank. Each time a seat in the Diwan is empty, a prospective candidate is recruited from military ranks, since the Diwan should consists of 100 pashas, no more, no less.

When a vizier's seat is empty, the pasha that fills the position should have experience in minimum 20 of the 34 bureaus before he can qualify.

Known PashasEdit


  • The Pasha title is based on the real-life Ottoman title Pasha.
  • However there are several differences in regards to authority power: Buyuk Pasha having highest power compared to a Sultan.