Lince Mercanaries Edit

With his current mindset, Kurt has shown sincere respect to Brigitta leader of Lince Mercenaries. Giving thanks on how she and her mercenaries played their part all the spoils of war are to be given to them, saying: "Even an equestrian tribes like Turkiye was understands the respect due to comrade who guarded their back for them." Even after two years since then upon their reunion he still retains that graduate. Although in her case a mutual respect had risen to a more one-sided affection on point where she becomes flustered.

Türkiye Stratocracy Edit

Kurt has shown great lengths of loyalty towards Mahmut pasha to certain degree where he recognizes him as Halil's successor heir. Before Battle of Chielo takes place Mahmut gave thanks to Kurt and both had come in-terms with a plan they had implemented shows their willingness in cooperation. Even after the battle upon promoting as Second Idare of Chielo province he did not let his respect for Mahmut withered instead improved on new levels.

Although not known Two of between link but Kurt is loyal to Halil and he is side to Peace party.After Halil's deaht He said to Mahmut -How could we run when we saw to deaht of Halil Pasha !!!

Little evidence seen between the two however like everyone else under his command Kurt shows loyalty, in-addition he is on the same side where Halil as the Peace Party. Upon encountering Mahmut he said to him "We let Halil Pasha die, so why are we the only ones to return alive...?".

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