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Kiliç Orhan
Romanji oruhan
Alias Prince of Swords
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 14 March
Age 19 years old

20 years old (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Kilic Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 170cm (5′6″)
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color White
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Yuz-Maske Selim (father)
Armut Ayse (fiancée)
Professional status
Nationality Turkish
Affiliation Kilic Stratocracy Triparte Alliance
Occupation Sultan of the Kilic Stratocracy
Base of Operations Kilic Stratocracy Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: Chapter 26
Voice Actor Nobunaga Shimazaki

Kilic Orhan is the timid yet kind prince of the Kilic Stratocracy.

After the civil war, he takes on his position as the third generation Sultan and vows to become a man worthy of his fiancée, Armut Ayse.

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Personality Edit

Unlike most of people born in his pedigree, Orhan is what one would call as unsuitable for his post: his naturally soft heart is not protected with enough defenses, making him seems so meek and compliant to other people, especially to the ones important to him like Ayse. However, this also means that he is incredibly loyal to those people, and he is willing to do drastic measures for the sake of those people.

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Trivia Edit

Kılıç means ''sword'' in Turkish.


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