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Gralat Berlurik
Gralat color manga
Romanji Guraratto
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 2 January
Age 25 years old(Chapter 1)
27 years old(Chapter 100)
Birthplace Balt-Rhein Empire
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 195cm (6′4″)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Balt-Rhein
Affiliation Balt-Rhein Empire
Occupation Lelederik's Aide
Soldier of Balt-Rhein Empire
Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
Greater Turkiye
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: Chapter 4
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai

Gralat Berlurik is the right-hand man of Lelederik and a nobleman of the Ellvaldez region of the Balt-Rhein Empire.

Appearance Edit

Grant has blue eyes and long pale blonde hair that extends to his back. He wears black and white clothing.

Gallery Edit

Personality Edit

Gralat generally has a very emotionless facade, almost to the point of calling it a poker face. He's very cold towards other people, be it his subordinates or fellow citizens. The only exception so far has been Lelederik, someone he's known for a very long time.

History Edit

Plot Edit


As one of Lelederik's right-hand man, Gralat is highly capable fighter quick-witted yet cunning able to perform a fast acrobatic maneuverments in combat. Like Lelederik he dual-wields two kukri bringing out its best potential.

Major Battles Edit

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