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Erbach color
Vital statistics
Date of Birth May 9
Age 22 years old

24 years old (Chapter 100)

Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 184cm (6′0″)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Ginger
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Affiliation El Toro
Triparte Alliance
Occupation Mercenary
Mahmut's Aide
Base of Operations Mercenary City of Tauro
Republic of Chielo
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: Chapter 50
Anime Episode 17

Erbach is the captain of the El Toro mercenaries from the Mercenary City of Tauro that is currently employed by Turkiye Stratocracy as back-up soldiers in their war against the Balt-Rhein Empire.

At first, he thought of Mahmut as someone not suited for battlefields, but grows to respect him once the young Pasha proves him otherwise. He now acts as his guide for South Rumeliana's culture and politics.

Appearance Edit

Erbach is a young man with ginger hair (sometimes pictured as blond) and fair skin. A characteristic trait of his are his squinted eyes, which are usually the target of nicknames and taunts. He's almost always seen smiling in a mischievous way.

His usual attire is an extravagant light green tunic with puffed sleeves, accompanied by a yellow cape draped over his shoulders, a silky braid of red fur across his chest and a black scarf with a white-dotted pattern, along with a gold necklace.

He wears green puffed pants that become tight-fitting in the same fashion as his sleeves, and equally green jester boots.

Erbach is always seen with a green cavalier hat, adorned with feathers of different colors.

Gallery Edit

Personality Edit

Erich is shown to enjoy fighting.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Erich is shown to be highly capable fighter.

Major Battles Edit

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