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Cyrus γιός Apollodorus
Alias The Lizard of the Black Alley
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 10 May
Age 17 years old(Chapter 1)

19 years old (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Phoenicia
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 168cm (5′6″)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Apollodorus (father)
Professional status
Nationality Phoenician
Affiliation Phoenicia
Turkiye Stratocracy
Triparte Alliance
Occupation Phoenicia's Kulak
Mahmut's Aide
Base of Operations Phoenicia
Turkiye Stratocracy
Baltrhein Empire
First appearance
Manga 12 Fasıl: The City by the Lighthouse

Cyrus gios Apollodorus (Kyurosu, キュロス) is a supporting character, the Kulak from Phoenicia, and Mahmut's ally.


Cyrus was born in Phoenicia as the son of the caesar Apollodoros. However, he grew up to despite his father's methods, deeming him fake and he decided to leave the household, out of fear that he'd turn out the same way. He rarely spent time at home and refused to become his successor.

It was shortly after that that he met Süleyman, who had been imprisoned for suspected espionage. He intended to let him die but Süleyman intrigued him with information about the experiences he had. In exchange for saving his life, Cyrus would be accepted as a part of the Göz Kulak, which he considered to be worth risking his life for.


The Fall of PhoeniciaEdit

Cyrus makes his first appearance in the manga when Mahmut visits Phoenicia. When Mahmut heads to find a kulak, Cyrus is in a disguise. He informs him of that the people of Phoenicia are already aware that Mahmut has headed there before telling him that he has come at a bad time. When Constantinus holds a speech the following day, Cyrus walks up behind Mahmut and tells him it's a good time to leave, only to be surprised when the latter refuses.

Another day passes and the two cross paths, where Cyrus reveals that he is the son of the Caesar Apollodoros. He shares his past with Mahmut and the two head underground. There, Cyrus asks Mahmut about his motives for wishing to help Phoenicia as it has, what he can see, no direct connection to Türkiye.

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