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Armut Ayşe
Ayse intro
Alias Pear

Hanim (Imperial Princess)

Vital statistics
Date of Birth September 20
Age 17 years old
Birthplace Balta Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Lilac
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Nilufer Fatma (mother)
Kemal (younger brother)
Al-Kaplan Balaban (uncle)

Ulema Beyazit (uncle)
Kilic Orhan (fiancé)

Professional status
Nationality Turkish
Affiliation Balta Stratocracy Triparte Alliance
Occupation Vizier-i-Azam

Hanım of the Balta Stratocracy

Base of Operations Balta Stratocracy Mizrak Stratocracy Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: Chapter 20

Armut Ayse is the young daughter of Sultan Fatma, elder sister of Kemal, and the only niece of Sultan Balaban and his successor Sultan Beyazit.

After the civil war, she is promoted to the title of Vizier-i-Azam and is in charge of Kemal's studies until he is to turn fifteen and officially succeed the throne.

Appearance Edit

In spite of her stoic nature, she is considered a beauty by some people in the story. She has long, light purple (black in the anime), wavy hair styled in segmented ponytails. She also has a melancholic look on her face, which is accentuated with her long eyelashes. She shares some of these physical attributes with her family, such as her mother (the eyelashes) and her brother and one of her uncle, Bayezid (wavy hair).

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