Romanji Abiriga
Alias Private Army Commander
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 8 August
Age 28 years old(Chapter 1)

30 years old (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Salos
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 205cm (6′8″)
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Red
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Silvestro Brega (adoptive father)
Cecilia (adoptive mother)
Professional status
Nationality Salosian (former)
Venecian (current)
Affiliation City State of Venedik
Triparte Alliance
Occupation Venedik's spy
Mahmut's Aide, Private Army Commander
First appearance
Manga Chapter 17: The City of the Sea
Anime Episode 7: The Sinking City
Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe

Abiriga is one of the supporting characters of Shoukoku no Altair. He currently acts as Mahmut's aide.

Appearance Edit

Overall, Abiriga's appearance is quite distinctive even among the colorful casts. As befitting of his Salos heritage, he has dark brown skin and short, dreadlocked red hair done in undercut style. Other than that, his unique slit pupils and facial markings also make his appearance stand out compared to the other characters.

He usually wears his Venetian Navy uniform, which consists of a black shirt-trousers set, a white cravat, and a white, long robe which he usually use to store various kinds of weapons. When serving in the Navy, he also wears the wide-rimmed head characteristic of his station. Although not really apparent, Abiriga also has little earrings, that he changed several times along the story line. From Katou Kotono's QA section in the fanbook, it's stated that Abiriga did this because "maybe he thought that the change was stylish."

Having a tall and slim body with long limbs, his posture is perfect for performing attacks with high speed and precision.

Gallery Edit

Personality Edit

With his friendly face and affable attitude, he comes off as a friendly gentleman, even though it has been shown multiple times that beneath the harmless exterior he's somewhat crafty, befitting of a Venedik citizen. It's also shown that he's a bit of a blood knight: he loves every chance he get to experience a good battle, something that he rarely get because of his near superhuman physical capabilities.

It's been shown that despite his somewhat mischievous nature, he cares deeply for his closest people, and willing to sacrifice anything for their happiness.

History Edit

Abiriga originated from Salos, a poor country with recurring economical crisis, causing many of its citizens to starve. Because of this condition, Abiriga was sold by his parents to the slave trader when he was twelve years old. Malnourished, tired, and angry, he escaped from the port and swam all the way to a Venetian ship headed by Brega, who commanded his crews to lift him from the sea when he's on the verge of drowning. After being lifted, Brega and his crew approached him slowly, while checking on his condition. Suddenly, Abiriga took a blade from Brega's scabbard and sliced Brega's face. Noticing his fighting potential, brega then bought him five times the price when the slave trader came to take Abiriga back.

Few years before the main storyline, Abiriga met Suleyman aboard on a passenger ship that was being ravaged by pirates. Being a Venetian Navy officer, he quickly came to the rescue and helped Suleyman save an abducted child from one of the pirates. Impressed by his fighting prowess, Suleyman offered Abiriga to join his newly formed Kulak network. Before answering the offer, Abiriga brought Suleyman to the nearest port from their current position, and showed him the Venedik's information gathering system. Then, he mentioned to the astonished Suleyman that there would be no one in Venedik willing to become a Kulak, because Venedik's citizens can't live anywhere but in Venedik.

Plot Edit

Abilities Edit

Since Brega noticed Abiriga's innate fighting potential, Abiriga obtained various forms of training in martial and warfare arts, molding him into a man with superb fighting capabilities. His ability to use a wide range of weapon varieties to a frightening degree, combined with his insane physical capabilities and perpetual cool-headed state of mind make him a very formidable opponent.

Major Battles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kotono has stated that Abiriga thinks all girls are pretty.


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