Şark Yay (Sh-ar-k Y-ay), translates in Turkish as Eastern Bow. It's a kind of firearm weapon with similar shape to real-life european arquebus, which is musket's successor. Bayezid mentioned that he got 77 of them from a fellow Navarat worshipper that came to Liman from a small eastern country that would later got conquered by Cinili. The country's name is revealed to be Kusanagi, a fictional country in the spin-off loosely based on real-life Ancient Japan.

Due to Kusanagi's demise, it's stated by Silah Ismail that the art of Şark Yay making is lost forever, causing no one across Rumeliana have never encountered or even produced such instrument of slaughter. As far it goes, the Mizrak Stratocracy were the first ones in the entire continent of Rumeliana to have successfully got the ownership of them, notably The Yeniçeri who made great use of the firearms.



A hand held portable gun with various of firing mechanisms such as the Matchlock, Miquelet etc.. These are capable of penetrating any forms of metals like armor used by knights and shields rendering them completely useless. However they are inaccurate when firing by an individual unless they are skilled as a marksman or shooter thus requires a series of volley fire in groups, in addition they take gradual amount of time to reload.


The firearms used by the Bayezid's Yeniçeri is closely similar to the real life arquebus rather than a musket due to it's size although the overall design resembles a Turkish Musket with matchlock firing mechanism.

Sark demo lrg

First demonstration


Larger than regular "Şark Yay" firearms capable of traveling at great distance and deals a mighty impact more often ideally used for "Castle Crushers". Vasco took the first step with his blueprint of creating monstrous artillery such as the bombards.


Built upon the approval of Vasco's schematics, Turkiye produced multiple super-guns, due to their size it would require so many manpower with the help of Oxen being able to carry such equipment, two piece on a huge cargo.

Sark Yay Bombard

Turkiye Stratocracy's Massive Sark Yay (Bombard) firing.

Republic of VenedikEdit

Aside from their Phoenix Fire a successor from that of Greek Fire, their small-bronze Şark Yay cannons seen fixed mounted on their ships, the technology may have been shared amongst the alliance derived from Vasco's products this however remains plausable.

Small-bronze cannon

Small bronze cannon

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